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    Helivate Helicopter Services was established in 2011 in response to the ever-increasing helicopter charter, helicopter training market and helicopter hire market within South Africa and its neighbouring countries. Now with its operational base in Krugersdorp, Gauteng, they are one of the leading providers of business helicopter flights and private helicopter charter in South Africa.

    Backed by a team of dedicated and experienced professionals, Helivate offers a friendly and efficient service making helicopter charter seamless and stress free. Helivate prides itself on the presentation of the helicopter fleet and pilot workforce, with pilots being especially attuned to the needs of our clients and their guests. Having flown with Hayley and a few of the other pilots, I can attest to the absolute efficiency of all at Helivate, with safety for the passengers’, top priority.

    Their Fleet

    Robinson 44 Raven II - One pilot and up to 3 passengers.

    Alouette III SA T

    The Alouette III is used for commercial and training operations and for charters.  Highly-experienced instructors are available to train for Long Line and Short Line Sling endorsements on the Alouette III. - One pilot and 5 to 6 passengers

    Robinson R66 Turbine

    ​The R66, with a rolls-royce RR300 turboshaft engine, seats 5 and a separate cargo compartment. This makes it ideal for VIP charter, heavier loads, asset transfer and initial turbine ratings. One Pilot and 3 to 4 passengers.

    Eurocopter EC 120

    ​The stylish EC120 with it's all black exterior and cream leather seats is the perfect VIP option readily available for charter flights, wedding arrivals, romantic weekend getaway or a turbine rating onto the popular Eurocopter family. One Pilot and 3 to 4 passengers.

    Bell 407

    ​The Bell 407 is the ultimate in VIP comfort, quick A to B travel and perfect for corporate transfer. One pilot and 5 to 6 passengers.

    Some of the services offered.


    Alouette 3 Helicopter Flight: Black Ops Mission (30min adventure)

    The mission begins immediately on lift off from the Jack Taylor Airfield in Krugersdorp, west of Johannesburg. As you dive down over the neighbouring Krugersdorp Game Reserve, keep an eye out for Giraffe, Lion and Wildebeest. Skim across the African Veld, follow the Crocodile River, towards the Magaliesburg Mountain Range. Enjoy an exhilarating flight before returning to base and being awarded your t-shirt for a successful mission.

    Black Ops Mission: Alouette Combat Mission plus Paintball

    Add a game of Paintball onto our iconic Alouette 3 S.W.A.T Mission Helicopter flight and you have the complete "action packed" combat mission thrill.

    Get dropped in the Hot LZ for All Action Paintball and be ready 90 minutes later for Extraction by helicopter!

    The Alo 3 will drop you off at the “Hot landing Zone” where you will be given your paint gun and 100 paintballs. Enjoy an exhilarating game before being extracted and returned to base where your team will be awarded their t-shirt for a successful mission. An ideal way for family and friends to bond.

    Helicopter Flying Holiday and Tour

    Be Spoilt. Take time out to enjoy a holiday to remember and be one of the elite to travel exclusively by helicopter. Several options are available. Wild Coast, Zulu and Anglo Boer Battlefields or Wildlife Safari, all fully inclusive except for beverages.

    Bespoke and Memorable Helicopter Trip

    Set the mood with a truly bespoke flight to a venue of your choosing. Flying in the stylish, luxurious comfort of a helicopter, gives you the perfect start to any special event, whether it’s a celebration or just spending time with people whose company you enjoy. You benefit from having flexibility for your plans, backed up with the support of a dedicated flight account manager, who is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    If needs be, hotel and restaurant bookings can be arranged for you so you do not have to worry about details. If you prefer to be spontaneous and explore the area you have landed in, “discovering” restaurants for yourselves then you are free to do so.

    A Special Gift

    Whether you are celebrating a wedding, a birthday or an anniversary or going with friends to an outdoor event such as a music festival enjoying experiences together, makes a unique occasion even more memorable with the helicopter flight schedule built around you.

    For more information and to book your special flight, contact Helivate on their website - www.helivate.com, send them an email - info@helivate.com, or give them a call - +27 (0) 72 219 3264

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