Unexplored Listing

On offer:

  • COMPETITIONS!! Your establishment /restaurant /venue /destination /experience / business used and features in our weekly COMPETITION campaigns. 
  • A listing, with one image, area, phone number and email address
  • Our subscribed online newsletter to fill you in on what’s happening, who’s doing what, news, views and tips of the trade
  • An opportunity to advertise on our website at a reduced rate. (Speak to one of our team members)
  • Sharing information about your business on our FB pages and other social media platforms
  • Join our CHECKT’IN – Explored and Approved Hospitality OWNERS FB page.
  • Website vetting and verification. 
  • A 6 month complimentary listing on the RoadTrip RSA app. Contact Diederil at traveller@roadtriprsa.co.za 

What we need from you?

  • Fill in the online application below with all your details
  • Please send us 3 high res photos of your establishment or business to info@checktin.co.za 
  • Membership fees paid in advance
  • A minimum of 1 (one) COMPETITION voucher that will be used in our weekly COMPETITION campaigns.  As we are a hospitality rating business that runs COMPETITIONS on our website, as our main marketing strategy, it is imperative that we have COMPETITION VOUCHERS to use. Your establishment/business will be notified when your competition(s) will be running. REMEMBER – the more vouchers we have, the more competitions we can run on your behalf, the more exposure your business gets.  

R950 per year or R90 per month

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