Explored and Approved

Explored & Approved Collection

On offer:

  • COMPETITIONS! COMPETITIONS! COMPETITION!  CHECKT’IN runs 90% of our marketing campaigns through running regular COMPETITIONS on the website and all our social media platforms. 
  • A visit from one of our team to do a full accredited assessment of your establishment / restaurant / venue / activity / adventure / event / tour, photos, a write-up and experience your hospitality
  • A CHECKT’IN rating
  • Your establishment listed under CHECKT’OUT by CHECKT’IN – Explored & Approved
  • Direct ‘BOOK HERE’ click-through button to your website
  • Full access to our PREFERRED SUPPLIERS, where we have negotiated special rates and deals for you.
  • CHECKT’IN will promote, advertise, publicize, share and feature your establishment regularly on our Facebook pages as well as on our other social media platforms, travel websites and publications, where applicable.
  • The opportunity to advertise on the website at a reduced rate.
  • Promotion of your special offers
  • Regular press releases
  • A signed certificate to display in your establishment
  • A wall-mounted plaque with your CHECKT’IN rating displayed
  • A ‘CHECKTOUT by CHECKTIN’ logo to display on your website and stationery 
  • Entry into our CHECKT’IN Awards Program (further info to follow)
  • Once a month we will have a featured establishment/ restaurant/ activity/ preferred supplier that will take centre stage on our front page. If you have earned the “CHECKT’OUT by CHECKT’IN” logo on your website, you will be featured at some time during the year
  • Hospitality Workshops and courses when necessary, run  throughout the year at a special rate to our EXPLORED & APPROVED clients
  • Assistance by an independent consultant, if necessary, in getting your establishment up to standard according to the rating guidelines set out by CHECKT’IN and general hospitality standards. Depending on the intensity of possible challenges, an additional cost will be charged based on the issues and /or challenges. This will always be discussed with the establishment owner BEFORE any additional costs are charge, when necessary
  • Website vetting and verification. 

Please note: If your hospitality assessment and ratings take place outside of a 50km radius from our closest CHECKT’IN team member, travelling costs will be charged according to AA rates.

Yearly Fees

COST for the assessment of , ESTABLISHMENTS

calculated per room/unit count per year. Monthly debit order (by arrangement).


Rooms/Units1-67-1516-3031-5051-100Groups and 100+
Once off per yearR 3200.00R 4200.00R 5200.00R 6200.00R 8100.00Negotiable

COST for the assessment of RESTAURANTS per year

2 visits per year


Restaurants/Catered FoodR 2900.00

COST for the assessment of ACTIVITIES/ADVENTURES per year


All activities / adventure offeringsR 1900.00
COST for the assessment of VENUES per year. (the definition of a venue is any hospitality venue that DOES NOT also offer accommodation)
Venues – Wedding, function, conference and othe R 2300.00
Groups Negotiable

Event Coverage

If you would like your special event to be promoted and advertised on our website and FB pages, and covered by one of our writers, featured on our website and shared on our Facebook pages, please contact us directly.

One-day event (excluding travelling costs)R 2800.00

Group Bundle

If you are a group with various hospitality establishments under one umbrella, a special yearly rate will be negotiated directly by Checkt’In with your managing and/or marketing team.

What we need from you

  • Payment in advance (that is – BEFORE we assess/ visit your establishment or experience your activity), unless monthly debit order payment arrangements have been made
  • A One-year contact between yourselves and CHECKT’IN, renewable every year. (See Terms and Conditions)
  • For Accommodation Establishments – one night’s accommodation for one of our CHECKT’IN team (with meals if a catered establishment) at a date and time that suits both parties OR via our mystery guest program VOUCHER system
  • Tours: The tour operator will host the assessor for the duration of the tour
  • Access to all activities offered by the establishment
  • Regular photos and updates on your Facebook and other social media accounts. (If you don’t post, we can’t share and promote!)
  • Regular updates on your CHECKT’IN profile. Assistance with this will be available if required.
  • At least two (2) COMPETITION vouchers per year that will be used to promote your establishment. Running regular COMPETITIONS is our main marketing focus. REMEMBER- The more competitions we run on your behalf, the more exposure you get. 
  • Restaurants, coffee shops, tea gardens, bistros etc – 4 meal vouchers per year. (2 vouchers twice a year for assessment visits and at least 2 voucher to be used for COMPETITIONS)
  • Activities, adventures and tours – One voucher for the assessment visit and at least 2 ADDITIONAL vouchers per year to be used as prizes for our COMPETITION campaigns.

Please note: If your hospitality assessment and ratings take place outside of a 50km radius from our closest CHECKT’IN team member, travelling costs will be charged according to AA rates.

Our TICKED ratings are awarded using the following GUIDLINES:

  • Access to property
  • Activities offered
  • Cleanliness
  • Efficiency and Service, friendliness, staff attitude
  • Environmental Practices (recycling policies included)
  • General décor and look
  • Guest Reviews
  • Health & Safety
  • Housekeeping and Maintenance
  • Overall Guest experience
  • Public areas
  • Security
  • Staff development programmes
  • Universal access. Easy accessibility for wheelchairs or
    other disabled guests throughout the establishment

Meaning of our "ticks"

Needs some work
Getting there
Now we are talking!
Above & Beyond Outstanding

All CHECKT’IN BUNDLE costs pertain to places/ establishments/ properties/ events/ venue/ activities/ and shows within South Africa’s borders. All other areas outside of South Africa’s borders will be negotiated separately.

Please contact one of our CHECKT’IN team members
directly should you have any questions or queries.

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